Click here to follow the negotiations
 between Cuba and the US (in Spanish)
on a new website set up by the Cuban
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

9am, Friday, February 6
 Professor August Nimtz will be a guest on KFAI's Catalyst

7:30pm, Saturday, February 7
  Contra-Tiempo at the Ordway plus other events
 in the
 Raices y Sueños series

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Stained glass window by Rosa María de la Terga, National Medical Genetics Center, Havana

¡Volvieron! The Cuban Five have returned to Cuba


We enthusiastically welcome President Obama's long overdue announcement
regarding normalization of relations with Cuba. On December 17, 2014,
as part of the stunning announcement that US-Cuba relations would
 be normalized, the remaining three of the Cuban Five were released
and returned to Cuba.

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