Travel to Cuba? 

Questions answered in a web meeting

Sunday, July 10

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Respected and experienced Cuba travel experts - Art Heitzer from the National Lawyers Guild Cuba Subcommittee and Bob Guild from Marazul Tours - will field questions after short presentations about: Legal realities, Travel realities, View from Cuba, Ethical travel, action and more. The NNOC will briefly preview tools member organizations and new friends can use in the coming months and major Cuba activities this summer.

Presented by the National Network on Cuba

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The Dominican Republic's Solidarity with Cuba Campaign and the Puerto Rico Committee for Solidarity with Cuba are pleased to extend their warmest and most fraternal greetings in notifying you that the 8th Continental Gathering in Solidarity with Cuba, will be held from July 28 - 30 2016 in the city of Santo Domingo.  As is customary, coordination of the event will be shared with the Cuban Institute for Friendship among Peoples (ICAP).  

In keeping with this heartfelt commitment, we invite you to this important occasion where we will discuss current topics involving solidarity with Cuba in the new period. Cuba is the country that for over half a century has resisted the US government's hostile and genocidal policy with heroism and bravery. 

The 8th Gathering will also include, among its topics of discussion and debate, the processes that are taking place regionally, the projections for continental solidarity, and the development of new initiatives aimed at strengthening integration, unity, and the defense of our nations' sovereignty and independence. 

We will come together under the slogan of FOR THE UNITY AND INTEGRATION OF OUR PEOPLES!, and we aspire to fulfill our commitment to strengthen the ties of friendship and brotherhood that we share with our sister Republic of Cuba.  In the world that we live Cuba has become the universal reference point for dignity and resistance in the face of harassment, increases in war, and the constant attempts of subversion and threats by the empire. 

We hope we can count on your presence in Santo Domingo. We look forward to having you and the valuable contributions and initiatives that you can bring to enrich our collective experiences in the struggle against the criminal blockade and the political- ideological media disinformation campaign. Out of this gathering we hope to come away with a strengthening in our working strategy for the continental solidarity with Cuba movement. 

For further information, please contact: (Milagros Rivera, Puerto Rico), (Alfonso Torres Ulloa, Dominican Republic) and  ICAP at:  

For the Organizing Committee, Dominican Republic Solidarity with Cuba Campaign, Puerto Rico Solidarity with Cuba Committee, and Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples 

Registration Form - Due date to register June 30, 2016. Please complete the registration form and send it back by email to the following addresses: Alfonso Torres Ulloa: and Milagros Rivera: 

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Cuban Filmmaker Gloria Rolando will visit
 the Twin Cities in September with her new film
Diálogo con mi AbuelaThe film had its 
world premiere at the Charlie Chaplin
 Theater in Havana on May 25. 

Dayana Bueno Querol, la abuela 


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