Cuba May Day, 2018


Santiago, Holguin, Camaguey,Santa Clara Matanzas and Habana



April 23 to may 4, 2017  Price $ 1,850  all inclusive

Cuba: May Day, April 23 to May 4, 2017-
The Path of the Revolution
Santiago, Holguin, Bayamo, Camaguey, Santa Clara, Matanzas and Habana
          A Multicultural and Labor Seminar trip to Cuba. 

 “May Day in Cuba,” a day when hundreds of thousands of Cubans come out in the street to celebrate International Workers Day.

1. The education system is 100% subsidized by the government, meaning that Cuban students at all levels can attend school for free. 

2. According to a 2014 report by The World Bank, Cuba has the best education system in Latin American and the Caribbean and the only country on the continent to have a high-level teaching faculty. 


3. Cuba is also the nation in the world that allocates the highest share of its national budget, 13 percent, to education.

We will have extraordinary opportunities to interact with people 
involved in a range of community projects in a way that will give us a 
sense of current developments in Cuba, and a view of how Cubans use the 
transformative power of the creative process. during this time of 
fascinating changes and challenges, 

27 Anniversary of the U.S./Cuba Labor Exchange

April 23 to May 4, 2017  
The price of the trip will include: Air fare round trip from Cancun, Mexico to Habana, Cuba
hotel in all the cities (double occupancy), 2 meals per day (breakfast and 
dinner), all internal transportation to all the cities and to the program, Translation, 
and the program,profecional guide
Single rooms are available for an additional $350. 

This price is good until the end of February,2018. The price may 
increase for any application made after that date. 

Please Email your application to: 
US/Cuba Labor Exchange E-mail:

The original application must be submitted, with a copy of your 
passport attached and $500 deposit made payable to the Labor Exchange
All information will be kept confidential 

Legal Name (as it appears on the passport)____________________ 
_________________________ Address:______________________ 
______________________________ ______ City__________________________ 
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_____________________________e -mail: ______________________________ 
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________________ How/from whom did you learn about the U.S./Cuba Labor 
Exchange ___________________________ Passport#_____________________ 
____________ Expiration Date_________________ Date of 
birth_________________________ _ Place of birth __________________ 

Please Email your application to: US/Cuba Labor Exchange