The Minnesota Cuba Committee is committed to the sovereignty of the Republic of Cuba and the self-determination of its people in the face of historic and ongoing U.S. intervention.

We do this by:

    • Supporting the immediate end to the U.S. embargo and travel ban.
    • Promoting the normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba.
    • Educating our community and ourselves about the ongoing realities of Cuba and the achievements of its people.
    Our committee is a member of the National Network on Cuba.


      The committee has been active in the Twin Cities since 1990.

      The committee’s activities include a variety of public educational efforts. For the last seven years it has held successful Cuban film festivals at St. Anthony Main Theatre in partnership with the Minneapolis-St. Paul Film Society. It has also raised money for hurricane relief, organized travel challenges to Cuba in conjunction with Pastors for Peace and the Venceremos Brigade, supported legislative efforts to loosen travel restrictions and scheduled numerous panel discussions led by its own members. In previous years, it organized meetings with the Cuban ambassador to the United States, brought in Cuban scholars and artists and organized groups of young people to attend international meetings in Cuba.

      One of its most important projects has been to publicize the case of the Cuban Five, five Cubans and Cuban-Americans who were serving lengthy jail sentences in the United States for trying to prevent terrorist activities by Cuban exiles. On December 17, 2014, the last three of the Cuban Five were released as part of the historic rapprochement between Cuba and the United States on that date. 
      A catalog of events sponsored by the committee is listed on the Past Events link.

      Who We Are

      The committee’s current membership includes students, academics, labor union members, government workers and small business owners. Many of its members have traveled to Cuba; several have authored publications on Cuba. Participation of new members is always invited.