2018 Minnesota Cuban Film Festival  

St. Anthony Main Theatre, Minneapolis

7 pm, Thursday, March 1 
LA COSA HUMANA  (The Human Thing), 2016, 85 min, by Gerardo Chijona
   La Cosa Humana    La Cosa Humana
Acclaimed Cuban director Gerardo Chijona’s latest is a darkly comic and vastly enjoyable film about a burglar and aspiring writer who unknowingly steals a manuscript – a masterpiece belonging to a renowned author. Short on money, the offender plagiarizes the story and sends it to a contest. Without knowing it, the thief and the writer become rivals, each competing for the prize. Despite a light air and humorous touches, violence and passion are never far from the surface as Chijona examines the importance of culture for a society; emphasizing that it is a multitude of voices, of writers, and of stories that create a nation.

7 pm, Thursday, March 8 VUELOS PROHIBIDOS (Forbidden Flights), 2015, 75 min, by Rigoberto Lopez


Monique is a Parisian in her mid-30s. On her way to Havana to meet her Cuban father for the first time, she meets Mario in a Paris airport — also Cuba-bound. Grounded by weather conditions, the two share their fears, doubts and hopes about the complexities of Cuba and Cuban identity. At the same time, their growing attraction signals another type of journey. But the movie is not exactly a love story. It is about Monique’s journey to find her father. Through Monique's and Mario’s short and passionate relationship, we discover Cuba.

7 pm, Thursday, March 15
ESTEBAN, 2016,  90 min, by Jonal Cosculluela
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9-year-old Esteban lives with his mother and wants to become a pianist; perseverance and determination are needed to achieve his dreams. Esteban is Jonal Cosculluela´s debut feature film. Grammy winner Chucho Valdés composed the musical score.

7 pm, Thursday, March 22

EL TECHO  (On the Roof), 2016, 75 min, by Patricia Ramos

   Image result for El techo, cuban film     http://remezcla.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/el-techo-on-the-roof-3-1024x679.jpg

An off-beat romantic comedy, On the Roof offers an impeccable balance of colloquial charm and universal appeal. Patricia Ramos and her excellent cast have crafted highly relatable characters with varying degrees of ambition, ingenuity and quirk. Three young friends who gather on a roof in Havana every day in the midst of boredom decide to set up their own business in this heart-warming drama. The cost of this dream, ultimately, will lead them to personal maturity and certain happiness.

7 pm, Thursday, March 29
CUBA AND THE CAMERAMAN,  2017, 113 min, by Jon Alpert

The cameraman in Cuba and the Cameraman is the indefatigable documentary filmmaker Jon Alpert, the director of the movie. The film begins inside a car in Havana in 2016, as the death of Fidel Castro is announced on the radio. 

Jon Alpert’s movie is a personal examination of the ways in which Cuba changed and did not change over the course of 45 years of visiting and filming the stories of Cuban families; even accompanying Fidel Castro on one memorable trip to the United States. Alpert, a pioneering journalist and filmmaker, has reported from places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Iran, China, and Afghanistan and has made films for broadcast networks PBS and HBO.

7 pm, Thursday, April 5
Double feature

ME DICEN CUBA (They Call Me Cuba), 2014,  51 min, by Pablo Massip

   http://www.busboysandpoets.com/CubaMovie1.png?r=1424728133     Image result for Me dicen Cuba,  Cuban documentary

Me Dicen Cuba is a documentary that reflects the thinking of part of the Cuban musical forefront of the times, on universal values such as homeland, the family, music, love, friendship, heroism, and peace. “Of all the arts, the only one that doesn’t exist is music. Music doesn’t exist. It only exists in the minds and imaginations of men and women. Music begins where words end.” It is with these words that the master musician and composer Sergio Vitier begins the narration of They Call Me Cuba, a documentary film that explores the unique experience and outlook of prominent musicians in Cuba today on subjects of universal concern such as, music, peace, love, friendship, family, community, and nation. Featuring more than 70 musicians, including Alexander Abreu of Havana D’Primera, Juan Fortell of Los Van Van, Digna Guerra, Sergio Vitier, Vicente Feliú, Tanmy López, Yadira Estruch, the Buena Fe duet,  Héctor Gutierrez, Silvio Rodriguez, and many others. 

BUSCANDO A CHANO POZO (Seeking Chano Pozo), 1987, 27 min, by Rebeca Chavez

In this documentary the myth of Chano Pozo is presented in all its glory. An Abakuá, and a native of a tenement building, the cocky, boastful dancer, rumba virtuoso was worshiped in Havana. The archetypal Pozo expressed his Maroon heritage through his mastery of rhythm and the mystical language of the drums.