Saturday-Sunday, March 25-26, 2017

Opening plenary Saturday morning (1 hour, 37 min)
Chairs and introductions: Ike Nahem, Erin Feely-Nahem, 
August Nimtz 
16:56: speaker, Sandra Ramirez, head of North American section of ICAP
29:38: Audience Q & A

Saturday afternoon workshops 
(Titles and descriptions are from conference website. Not all the workshops were recorded.)

Race in Cuba: an Introduction

How has the Cuban Revolution advanced the struggle for racial equality on the island and what are the continuing challenges? These are the two main questions this workshop addresses—led by August Nimtz, Professor of Political Science and African and African American Studies, University of Minnesota, co-coordinator of the Minnesota Cuba Committee and co-editor of Race In Cuba: Essays of Esteban Morales Dominguez (2013).

Technology and Digital Media Support for Cuba and the Solidarity Movement

This Workshop has been organized by Peter Miller of Boston and is informed by the short paper “Complicity: How US Community and Non Profit Technology Has Been Complicit in Some Very Ugly Cuba ‘Regime Change’ Policies and Practices — And What To Do About It,” available here. Panelists include: Charlie Welch, Boston-Cuba Solidarity and; Sam Kellogg, North American Congress on Latin America (; Cheryl LaBash, the National Network on Cuba (; Danny Spitzberg, NPOTechCoop Cuba project (at; and Peter Miller, and This session will make an active effort to pull together key initiatives and add to them. For more info, see

Cuba's Socialist Revolution and Women's Equality

Leaders of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in New York to attend International Women’s Month at the United Nations will lead the discussion on what the Cuban Revolution has meant for women. Panelists include: Yanira Kúper, FMC international relations secretary; Yamila González Ferrer, vice president, Cuban Jurists Association; Alicia Campos, Latin America and Caribbean coordinator, Women's International Democratic Federation; and Maritzel González, FMC International Relations Department. Nalda Vigezzi of the July 26 Coalition of Boston and co-chair of the National Network on Cuba (NNOC) and Mary-Alice Waters, President of Pathfinder Press will chair this Workshop.

The Cuban Health Care System: US Health Care Workers and Trade Unionists See Social Transformation is Possible

Trips organized by WORPHC (World Organization for the Right of the People to Health Care) and NYSNA (New York State Nurses Association), have allowed nurses, health care workers and trade unionists to experience the Cuban Health Care System, as well as the culture and social reality of today’s Cuba. The goal is to expand horizons and stimulate action back home. Inspired by what they have seen, upon their return, folks have found a new resolve to engage more with their unions around Social Justice issues and to work towards the transformation of the US Health Care System. The panel will be jointly organized by Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, President of NYSNA and Luis Matos, Organizer for the World Organization for the Right of the People to Health Care, Inc. Humanitarian Project: Dominican Organization (ODOSALUD, Inc.). The panel will be jointly organized by Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, President of NYSNA and Luis Matos, Organizer for the World Organization for the Right of the People to Health Care, Inc. Humanitarian Project: Dominican Organization (ODOSALUD, Inc.).

Remembering: OSPAAAL Transcontinental Solidarity (Africa, Asia, América Latina) As We Struggle Against US Settler-Colonial policies in Guantanamo, Standing Rock, and Palestine

This panel, hosted by the All African People's Revolutionary Party (AAPRP), will discuss the history of OSPAAAL and the relevance of international solidarity in the struggle against settler occupation in Guantanamo, Standing Rock, and Palestine. We’ll be joined by Imani Umoja of the African Party for the Liberation of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde, Suzanne Aderly of Al-Awda, as well as members of the American Indian Movement.

Cuba's Economy: Myth, Reality and the New Economic Policies

Isaac Saney (Canadian scholar, author of acclaimed Cuba: A Revolution in Motion) and Helen Yaffe (UK scholar, author of acclaimed Che Guevara: The Economics of Revolution) will lead this Workshop. A leader of the Confederation of Cuban Workers (CTC) will participate, pending visa approval.

Second plenary Saturday afternoon (1 hour, 39 min)
     Plenary excerpt, remarks by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka (unofficial transcript)

Saturday evening rally (1 hour, 41 min)

Saturday evening rally 2, different videographer; starts a few minutes later than the preceding one

Sunday closing plenary (2 hours, 13 min)
Chairs: Isaac Saney, Canadian Network on Cuba; Gail Walker, IFCO/Pastors for Peace
3:33, greetings from Gerardo Hernández, one of the Cuban Five 
10:00, greetings from Miguel Barnet, UNEAC (Union of Writers and Artists in Cuba); his remarks and a transcript are excerpted here along with an unofficial transcript
19:15, discussion and vots on action items