Cuba responds to the hurricanes: Irma, Maria and Trump

7 pm, Thursday, November 9, 2017
4200 Cedar Ave. So., Minneapolis

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Image represents Cuba and Puerto Rico as "two wings of the same bird."

Relations between the US and Cuba are at the lowest point in recent history, as the Trump administration rejects President Obama's moves toward normalization. Join us for a discussion of the current state of affairs.

**Special Cuban guest, Griselda Aguilera, retired educator in Cuba and youngest participant in 1961 Cuba literacy brigade**

The “sonic attacks” and travel warnings

Because of unsubstantiated allegations about harmful attacks on U.S. embassy personnel in Cuba, the Trump administration has withdrawn the majority of its staff, expelled Cuban diplomats from Washington and is warning U.S. residents not to travel there. Our speakers include two brigadistas to Cuba and a Cuban American, who will describe how Cubans are responding to this attack and how this is harming both travelers from the U.S. and Cubans who wish to visit or emigrate to the U.S.

November 1, 2017, United Nations vote against the Cuban embargo

For over 25 years, the United Nations General Assembly has annually debated a Cuban sponsored resolution condemning the U.S. embargo. Each year the body has voted for the Cuban position and last year, even the U.S. and Israel changed their longstanding votes in opposition, with the result that no country in the world voted to continue the embargo. This year it is expected that the U.S. will revert to its prior position. We will talk about this year's vote and its significance for the future of U.S.-Cuba relations under Trump.


Cuba and Puerto Rico, “two wings of the same bird”

Following the hurricanes, one island, a poor socialist country with many challenges, is nearly back to normal, while the other, a territory of the richest country in the world, is struggling to survive. Hear from an eyewitness to the devastation.


  • Griselda Aguilera, Cuban educator and literacy brigade participant
  • Ash Eberle and David Rosenfeld, who recently participated in the “In the Footsteps of Che International Brigade” to Cuba
  • Dr. Miguel Fiol, Associate Professor, U of M, leader of Puerto Ricans in Minnesota Committee, recently headed a medical relief team to hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico
  • René Thompson, Cuban American, Rene's Latin Dance and Music Studio  
Sponsor: Minnesota Cuba Committee; endorsed by Witness for Peace