U.S. Cities that have adopted resolutions against the Blockade of Cuba

St. Paul, MN City Council, mayor signed, January 25, 2019, background informationvideo
Minneapolis, MN City Council, mayor signed, May 25, 2018
Helena, MT City Commission, mayor signed, June 7, 2017
Sacramento, CA City Council, mayor signed as member of council, April 25, 2017
Hartford, CT Court of Common Council (page 12), March 28, 2017*
Brookline, MA Town Meeting (article 20), no mayor in Brookline, final vote, May 31, 2016
Berkeley, CA City Council, mayor signed, May 10, 2016
Richmond, CA City Council, mayor signed, March 1, 2016

*Information unavailable as to whether the city's mayor signed the resolution.